Skeletal anatomy as a basis for constellating attention within the whole - Olena Nitefor

Olena Nitefor

 Nitefor First rib from above

When it comes to “learning anatomy,” people assume that what they are learning is facts. The joints, the muscles, the nerves… they just are. That is certainly true. But if you think about it, surgeons use their knowledge of anatomy differently from the PT’s who work with the same person post operatively. A Pilates instructor likely utilizes the same factual information differently from a Feldenkrais® Practitioner. I studied anatomy, kinesiology and took a full lab course of cadaver dissection in a Physio Therapy curriculum. We learned joint by joint, studied muscle groups and their actions around joints, and linked joints into joint chains. This was tailored to what was coming ahead: clinical application for working with peoples’ joints and muscles. That is how I started out teaching anatomy in the Feldenkrais context, because it seemed to me that that WAS the way to teach and to learn. First learn the structures and local functions, and then proceed to global functioning.

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